These operations may be performed

This lathe is equipped with equipped with: 4-way tool post front. Operations that are performed on a lathe are varied such as threading, cutting, drilling, boring, polishing, chamfering and facing. Machinery Values is prided on offering supreme quality machinery at the highest level of ethical standards.

If you are currently on the market for a quality metal lathe then you have certainly come to the right place.59″ Hole 36″ Swing Poreba TRP-93/3M ENGINE LATHE, Inch/Metric, Air Kick-Out, Taper,Steady,(2) 4-Jaws.Here are a couple lathes that may be perfect for you: * 12. Machinery Values is a family operated company with over 50 employees dedicating to serving thousands of customers in the United States and beyond. All of the operations mentioned may be performed using the multi-purpose engine lathe.

These operations may be performed by utilizing different types of lathes including CNC, engine, turret, speed, hollow spindle, swiss-type, polishing, metal spinning, etc. This company is operating out of Harrison, NJ and has been members of the Machinery Dealers National Association for over 25 years. A little about the lathe: This is the machine that holds the materials to be worked on and turns the material so that functions such as sanding or cutting can Spring grinding machine take place. Metal lathes can come in many forms serving several specific purposes.